Welcome to pick-pocket.de!

Handmade accessories and clothing for dogs and humans!

Pick-Pocket was founded in Hamburg/ Germany by Christina Berry (fashion designer) and Nadja Lichthardt (dogtrainer).


The idea for the hand-made products came through the professional work with dogs- the products are adjusted to the needs of human and dog.


We are proud to say that our products are "made in Germany". They are handmade by Pick-Pocket or from social workshops for people with disabilities.


We select our materials carefully, substances in bio quality also belong to our product range.

All items have been tested not only by the snouts and paws of our own dogs.


Please contact us with any questions or inquiries: info@pick-pocket.de


We offer worldwide shipping!

Clean Pockets

Pocket Protector Clean Pocket


treat bag Snapper

Pocket Towels

Pocket Towel